James Callins with his kids

Our Story

Umo and James Callins have been married since 2010 and are proud parents to their children. Umo and James have both always been passionate about health and fitness. They’ve always had the desire to be experts and specialists in the field of personal training, nutrition and sports performance in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. This desire led them to launch 180Physique in 2011. Initially, Umo was the sole trainer and dietitian for 180Physique. She ran bootcamps, did personal training and nutrition for her clients. In 2014 James earned his strength and conditioning specialist certification and joined Umo in personal training with 180Physique. The company originally launched as more of a mobile business. They would train at different locations in order to meet the needs of their respective clients. Then, in the fall of 2015, Umo and James decided to pursue the launch of their own facility. The 180Physique Studio opened on January 11, 2016. They opened this facility with a desire to have more versatility when training their clients and to provide a family friendly environment in which their clients would be able to bring their children while they trained. Additionally, they had a desire to begin training youth athletes and wanted an atmosphere more conducive to athlete development training. In the summer of 2016 they launched the 180Physique Athletics Sports Performance Program.

At 180Physique, we believe that each client is unique and has multiple goals. Fitness is not only about working out. It is how you eat, how you perceive yourself and your plan to be a better you. We meet the client where they are and help them press toward their individual goals. Thank you for visiting 180Physique.com! We know that you will find that our business is versatile and comprehensive. We look forward to meeting you!

180Physique Mission Statement

The Mission of 180 Physique Athletics is to provide the athlete with a training program designed to do the following:

  • IDENTIFY weaknesses that may cause improper movement patterns as they are related his or her particular sport.

  • STRENGTHEN the identified weaknesses in order to minimize compensation and potentially eliminate habits that, in the future, could limit performance and/or cause injury.

  • IMPROVE his or her strength in order for the athlete to withstand the stress that occurs in practice and in competition.

  • DEVELOP his or her speed/explosiveness/power/agility for improved competition performance.

  • ADVISE on nutritional factors that could help with attaining better results from training, enhance recovery, and improve performance.

  • PROVIDE nutritional oversight to maintain his or her health..

  • TEACH him or her that amplified performance does not simply come from the results of strength and conditioning. Amplified Performance means the athlete has the right mindset to lead and focus necessary to succeed.

180Physique Vision Statement

Improve the mindset of the athlete in order to build his or her confidence in what he or she can do in sport and what he or she is capable of doing in life after sport.