I have been very active my whole life and am very competitive. People have always told me that I look great and should try to pursue a competition of some sort. I started asking around for suggestions on a trainer and that’s when I found out about Umo. As soon as I had my first meeting with her that’s when I decided she was going to be my trainer and I would sign up for my first physique show. I trained for nine hard weeks. Every workout was different and challenging. Not only did she train me, she made my meal plans, and taught me how to pose. There were several times I questioned if I would make it to the end, but Umo was constantly encouraging me and motivating me every time I needed it.  My first competition I got fourth place in Novice Bikini, first place in Open Bikini Tall, and first place Ms. Oklahoma Bikini. I was so excited and it boosted my self-esteem so much. Umo taught me so much about clean eating and all around good habits with exercising.

She is a phenomenal coach and there is no way I could have done it without her.  I am already training for my next competition and hope to one day become a Professional Athlete, like Umo! Thank you so much Umo for being an amazing trainer!