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My journey with becoming healthy started early last year when I started group training with Umo at a local gym. The workouts that she provided were very challenging and to be honest I really never felt I could do some of the things that she had us doing…and at first I couldn’t. As my journey continued I started attending Umo’s boot camps in November of last year, additionally she helped me with my start in what is now a healthy and clean eating lifestyle. I love working with Umo, not only is every workout different and more challenging than the previous, but because what she does, it gets results! During the course of this year, I have lost over 20 inches overall, lost over 15 lbs, gained lean muscle and I am feeling great. Umo has helped me to do what I had been having a hard time doing on my own for quite some time…Turning It Around! Thank you so much for always pushing me, keeping me motivated, and always lending your expertise in fitness and eating right! You are the BEST!