I have been training for the past four years without direction or final goal. I eventually fell into the mass bulking stage trying to put any weight I could on no matter if it was healthy weight. I used the weight to try to venture into the power lifting training. I have known James for a few years and he eventually convinced me that I was ready to compete. James developed a 10 week changing diet plan that was tailored to apply as much of my favorite foods as possible. In addition James was always in contact with me as well as checking up on me to make sure I was on the right track. I could tell he was genuinely concerned with my overall health. He was there for every stage of my diet and training, and was completely knowledgeable on every aspect. During my competition he was backstage with me the whole time keeping me calm and giving me last minute advice and motivation. He practically led me to earning my pro card without a doubt I trusted everything he told me to do because I knew it was in my best interest. Furthermore he developed a reverse diet that kept me on a healthy track for my off season. I will definitely be utilizing the services of James Callins and 180Physique in my further ambitions and goals.