As an avid long distance runner and crossfit athlete, I always had an interest in competing in natural bodybuilding, I just didn’t know where to start. Luckily for me, Umo Callins, founder of 180Physique, was a coach at the Crossfit Box I attended. 180Physique offered an intro to natural bodybuilding seminar where they explained the federations, banned substances, competition prep, and answered questions. The seminar gave me the information I needed to pick a competition date and I began my journey with Umo and James Callins. Before working with 180Physique I was an “I workout so I can eat whatever I want” type. In my mind no matter what I ate, as long as I gave it my all at the gym, I was going to make improvements with my performance and my physique. Once I started the meal plan given to me by Umo, I learned differently. Five days into my meal plan I noticed changes in my body and my energy levels. That’s incredible! Eight weeks into my prep I took my yearly Air Force physical training test where I scored the highest possible score; a score I have been trying to attain for 5 years. 180Physique not only helped me with my personalized diet but also, all of my posing lessons. Because of 180Physique’s amazing guidance and support I was able to earn my IFPA Bikini Pro Card at my first competition! My journey does not end here with Umo and James Callins. They have also personalized a reverse diet for me post competition and I will be working with them again this spring!