I started working out with Umo three years ago and it has drastically changed my life. I’ve been an athlete playing basketball my entire life but when I finished college and started working I stopped working out and taking care of myself. I found myself with pounds of extra weight and little motivation to do anything about it. Umo’s workouts and nutrition plans have given me confidence, drive and an understanding of how important eating right and exercise are in our lives. She is not only an amazing trainer, but she is a geniunely good person who runs her life and her business based on strong moral principals and values. Umo has provided me with the encouragement and accountability I need to stay on track and focused to achieve my fitness goals. My goal is to lose 50lbs over the next year and compete in a triathlon in June of 2013. Through my hard work and the support and workouts Umo provides me I know we will achieve this goal together!