Healthy Holiday Diet and Exericise Tips

The Holiday season is a time for spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately if you’re not careful it can be a time of undesirable weight gain due to over consumption of high calorie foods and beverages. The average consumption for Americans for a traditional Thanksgiving meal is over 4,000 calories and over 200g of fat!!!  It’s really easy to put the extra weight on and yet can be challenging to get it off and keep it off. The key to not getting yourself in this predicament is changing your mindset. Continue to make wise choices… don’t throw all of your hard work out the window. Exercise can decrease holiday stresses and combined with healthy eating prevents weight gain. Try your hardest to stay in a consistent routine of exercise and stick to your meal plan/schedule as much as possible.  Challenge yourself to take your workouts up a notch to burn some extra calories. Below are some tips to help you during the Holidays:

  • Keep the Holiday beverage intake to a minimum…explore beveragerecipes that don’t have the calories packed in but taste great! (Will post a couple)  It’s very easy to consume an extra 500 -1000 calories with beverages alone during the holidays. Make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water.
  • You don’t have to try every dish at holiday gatherings. Look at your plate and make sure it’s balanced with healthy proteins, carbs and fats. Pack on the veggies instead of the pies, cakes and cookies.
  • Avoid skipping meals like always! Keep your metabolism efficient… skipping meals leads to low blood sugar, a decreased metabolism… which eventually leads to weight gain.  Stay on top of your eating schedule
  • If you are hosting a party or din-din,  use the opportunity to prepare and serve tasty yet healthy foods! There are SO many great ways to modify traditional recipes to avoid filling them up with junk. Explore and enjoy… your guests will thank you for it.
  • Plan, plan, PLAN! Continue or start planning ahead of time your meals for the week and what your Holiday menu will be. Get your list together and make an effort not to deviate from it. Saves money and calories.
  • Don’t stop working out.  During this time of year it can be challenging to stay on your workout schedule due to work demands, family plans, etc. Don’t let yourself go… use your workouts as your getaway time…your time to relieve some stress. Crank it up a notch
  • Practice portion control. There’s no need to get multiple servings of your favorite foods. Keep your servings sizes sensible. Don’t overload your belly.
  • Participate in Holiday sporting events. There are so many fun and interesting local runs, obstacle courses and many more sporting events to get involved in during the holidays that are family oriented. Use these opportunities to get in extra physical activity and get in some great family time
  • Don’t stress out about eating and exercise. While it’s important to make wise choices and be cautious during the Holidays, there is no need to obsess or stress about it. Just keep a healthy mindset, establish and maintain balance and enjoy this WONDERFUL time of the Year!