Anticipating Zaria’s Arrival: I’m so thankful!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about my pregnancy or not and now that my third trimester has arrived, I figured better late than never right? I think it’s helpful for others to share your experiences and I’ve had people ask me If I would. Although I’m a little late with this, I plan to blog throughout the next 13 weeks and take a retrospective approach with my posts. 

Well it’s Thanksgiving day and just like everyone else, I’ve been reflecting on what I’m thankful for. Of course, I’m thankful for the obvious, such as my relationship with God, my husband, family and friends, my AMAZING and fulfilling career, my clients and so much more. I’m thankful that I’m a competitive athlete and get to compete at the professional level with so many amazing athletes and be part of a sport that’s continually growing. I’m blessed to know that my calling is to impact many lives through nutrition and fitness. Everything is really amazing and my heart is so full.

I’m incredibly thankful to be pregnant! Words can’t express how amazing and mind blowing it is to feel life growing inside of you. Sometimes I wake up thinking
“wow, this is really happening”. I remember in June when we found out and how I felt. So many emotions flooding through me at once, but one thing for sure is that I was so thankful because we are so ready to start a family. My first trimester wasn’t bad at all as far as symptoms go. I never had morning sickness or anything crazy, and the only craving I had was for cheese. That was short-lived lol. What’s funny is that normally I’m not a cheese lover. So that was interesting. Whether it was macaroni and cheese or cheese and crackers, I was all in. The hardest thing for me was to see and feel my body change. It seems like it happened so rapidly. I’m used to staying fairly lean year round so to experience those changes was a bit different. It was the in between stage of not “showing” yet but not looking quite the same as I used to. I could tell from other peoples stares and glares at the gym that folks knew something was up. Of course no one dare tell me they’ve noticed I’ve gained weight or look different lol. It got more and more difficult to hide it. We wanted to wait to make our announcement until the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I went from wearing fitted tops and bottoms to looser fitting ones. My clients even mentioned “Umo, your fitness clothing sure has changed.” hahaha! I pretty much knew that several people were aware before we made it publicly known. At 15 weeks pregnant, it was such a huge relief to let everyone know. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Although hard at first, I came to accept my new physique and realized the changes that were happening physically were okay because of the amazing creation that was taking place inside.

Another amazing discovery during the first trimester was that my two closest friends were also expecting. Belle was 10 weeks ahead of me (actually delivered her sweet baby girl a little early yesterday) and NaaAfi is due a week behind me. It was pretty neat to know that we will all experience motherhood at the same time. We’ve been friends since our teenage years and have experienced many walks of life together. So, the fact that we were all pregnant at the same time was so bizarre but awesome!

I’m eagerly anticipating Zaria’s arrival. I already love her so much. We already have an amazing bond. I can now often predict when she’s going to kick (she’s actually kicking right now as i’m typing) or know how to position myself so I can feel her movements. I had a 4d ultrasound done last week, and it was so awesome to see some of her mannerisms already and her cute little facial features, hands and feet. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to maintain a balanced diet and be so active during my pregnancy, As I know, it’s not only beneficial for me but for her too. Being active has helped me so much physically and mentally. I’m thankful for all of the amazing moms that have willingly, without asking, poured so much into me during this time. It has helped me a ton and I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. My better half James has been so amazing, supportive and protective  and I love him so much for that! He’s going to be an amazing dad. My mom and my brother are so awesome! Za-Za is going to have the coolest uncle and grandma! Honestly, she’s loved by so many already and is going to have such an amazing family that simply can’t get enough of her. My in-laws and extended family are ecstatic! She’s already so spoiled lol! My clients ROCK and have been beyond amazing during this time. Thank you for your support and putting up with my pregnancy-related mood swings heehee!  Well, I have so much more to share but will save it for future blogs.  This is my first Thanksgiving preggo! I need to eat for two right??!!!! Just kidding, I plan to enjoy myself but not go cray. I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of the day with my family that I love so much!

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Umo Callins 180Physique Owner