Anticipating Zaria’s Arrival Blog post #6

Hard to believe it’s week 38.5! Zaria will be here anyday! It’s mind blowing to know that I’m going to be a mom so soon! I must say that I’m really excited however overall I feel pretty level headed about it all. I purposely had a to-do list to work through these past few weeks of a combination of projects and other random stuff which has helped me not to think about everything so much.

I’ve stayed off websites and apps that talk about anything related to labor and delivery simply because I just want to enjoy this time and enjoy going through my own unique experience without too many preconceived ideas. Some people get way too caught up in that stuff and it just causes stress which is not what I’m about nor what I need :-).

The nursery is complete! I know I’m biased but it’s seriously the prettiest nursery ever! It’s not your typical pink girly nursery but instead is still very feminine, cozy and unique. One of my best friends Melanie helped me a TON with it! She’s amazing at interior design and it honestly would not have turned out the way it did without her help and collaboration of ideas! It’s a room that Zaria can grow into and there is so much symbolism in the design that represents the meaning and characteristics of her name. From the princess crowns, to the arrows, to the lace and colors, it all blends well together. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Hospital bag is packed and food has been prepared. I’m thinking so much about what I want my meals to be like since I’ll be nursing. I keep reminding myself that everything I eat she’ll be eating which takes healthy eating to a whole new level for me. The past couple of prenatal visits I have lost a total of 8 pounds (not intentionally) but I guess just from eating more and I’ve been told that’s typical towards the end. She’s growing well and we are both healthy as can be. Layne Norton my nutrition coach has done a phenomenal job with helping me so far transitioning from pregnancy to nursing with my food intake. I’m eating more and more every week and the accountability from a true expert is amazing.

This week just may be my last prenatal appointment. This week may just be my last week baby free. This week I plan to enjoy everything that’s part of my life and relax! I keep getting asked the annoying yet thoughtful question “are you ready?” Honestly in my opinion you are never truly ready for your life to change so drastically and be in charge of a tiny human. I can say that I’ve done a great job as far as preparing for my baby girl. Mentally I’m ready to take on a new and absolutely amazing and fulfilling role of being a mother. My mom is the most amazing woman in my life and has been such a great example of the type of mother I want to be for Zaria.

I’m ready for Zaria to challenge me in ways that I’ve never been challenged and to help continue to mold me into the woman I need to be. I’m ready to see her adorable face, love her to pieces, and dress her up in the cutest outfits. I’m ready to see the relationship and bond she’ll have with her dad that I wasn’t able to have with mine. There is so much I’m ready for… words can’t express how excited I am!

I may or may not have another post prior to her arrival. We shall see. I definitely will post once she’s here though! No doubt about that!