Anticipating Zaria’s Arrival blog post #4 NYE 2014

Well it’s New Years Eve and I’m blogging! This will be my last blog post for the year! It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by. As I reflect back on it, I’m extremely thankful and blessed for all the good and hard times that I’ve experienced. The difficult times are what makes you stronger and builds character. I definitely experienced some tough times at the beginning of the year but looking back, I know that I learned so much about myself through it all. This year team 180Physique had so many awesome athletes that not only had some awesome accomplishments in the sport of bodybuilding, but made awesome mental and physical transformations. We also had many clients that made amazing transformations and lifestyle changes. It’s such a blessing to be part of someone’s journey of accomplishing their goals.

I feel this year I’ve grown so much closer to God and to my family which was one of my main goals. Life is too short and often we get so caught up in our work and other events of life that we don’t spend enough time with those that matter the most. This year was also the closest I’ve ever been to my husband and our marriage has developed an even stronger bond than before. We’ve supported each other so much in more ways than one and have accomplished so much together this year. I’ve learned to really appreciate the man that he is entirely. He’s simply amazing.

Taking the year off from
competing was great for me. It allowed me to see the sport of natural bodybuilding from a different lens and allowed me to realize how much I really do enjoy the sport and made me eager and more motivated than ever to not only achieve many more goals as an athlete, but also to do as much as I can to make a positive impact in the sport as a professional. Taking the year off has also allowed me to focus on other important things like my business and marriage and both have benefited immensely from that decision.

I would have to say the highlight of this year was in June when we found out I’m pregnant. It’s been so great so far and it’s crazy to believe that in just 8 short weeks our little princess will be here! This past week I could really notice changes. Her movements are much more powerful. I promise she’s moving and grooving all the time and it’s funny and weird how my stomach looks sometimes. Little punches, kicks and somersaults  She doesn’t have much room in there anymore so we see little lumps and bumps which are her little bum, head, feet and hands. It’s crazy cool! This past week I noticed my stomach made a pretty good increase in size, my hips are shifting again, I’m getting tired more easily and I’m also getting winded more easily. She’s growing rapidly and I feel it. I’m planning on starting to get my hospital bag ready sometime soon. It’s nuts that it’s already time for that. I also officially start my pregnancy/post natal nutrition regimen on Monday with my new coach of whom I have so much respect for Layne Norton. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s nice to know that figuring out my macros and constantly staying on top of that is one less responsibility I have to deal with. I’m coaching an awesome group of athletes that plan to compete this upcoming Spring and juggling all of that plus being a new mom and training my other clients would be a quite a bit so getting a nutrition coach was necessary for me. This will also give me some great accountability from an expert and one of the best experts out there. No slippin for this chick  I also plan to breast feed and want to make sure my nutrition is on point for not only myself but more importantly for her so I’m super motivated to get things started.

Well I’ll finish this little note by saying it’s been a great year overall and a year of much growth for me. This past year I feel that my life was the most balanced that it’s ever been. I had margin, didn’t overcommit myself, worked smarter not harder, and simply took things one day at a time. Going through the year with a new mindset allowed me to have more peace of mind.

2015 I believe will be an even better year. After all Zaria will be here and will forever change my world in such an amazing way. In 2015 I’m going to be a mom! Wowza! My goals are to be an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, athlete and professional. Ultimately I just want to be the woman that God had called me to be. If I continue to strive for that, all other things will fall into place.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! Make 2015 the best yet!

~ Umo