Anticipating Zaria’s Arrival: Blog post #2

Alright welp, I’ve been slipping a little since I blogged the day before Thanksgiving. Oops! Been busy trying to be proactive about a lot of stuff. Well here I am a day away from being 30 weeks pregnant and I’m not going to lie, I’m definitely starting to feel it. I still feel pretty good and can’t complain but I do feel heavier, tired more often and at times extremely irritable  I’m still working out 5-6 days a week and eating pretty good. However, if there is something I’m craving I enjoy whatever that is in moderation. I typically enjoy my cravings over the weekend. Like this past weekend I had some birthday cake and pizza! I’m still prepping my meals each week and also use cravings that I have as an opportunity to make a healthier version and pretty much come up with a new recipe! I enjoy the challenge of that.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much life is going to change once Zaria gets here. I have a couple of fitness hobbies that I really enjoy and while I won’t stop engaging in these hobbies, I know I’ll have to strategically plan how and when I will paricipate in these hobbies on the competitive level. I’m such a planner and I already have some big goals I’ve set for myself in 2015 but my husband and Zaria come first as well as our business so I’m preparing to be more flexible with myself compared to in the past. I know life is going to change drastically and while it’s a bit scary I’m extremely excited as well!

I’m hanging on to my clothes for as long as I can lol. All I can say is thank God most of my pregnancy is taking place during the cooler months and not the hot ones! I don’t know what I would do If most of my pregnancy was in the summer! I’ve been rockin all of my many styles and colors of leggings and can still fit in some of my smalls but mainly wear mediums. I’m all about my sweatshirts, long tanks and jackets! My preggo belly is mainly going out versus getting wide which I’m thankful for, however lots of my regular shirts and tanks look more like midriff tops now lol! There has been times when I’ll put one on and then the next minute feel a whiff of air on my belly and then I immediately take the shirt off and throw it in the “post baby gear” pile.  Dressing up is a bit different. Luckily I only have to worry about this on the weekends but again it pretty much consists of fashion leggings, a cami with a long sweater cardigan or sweater dress, some boots and a scarf! I make it work. Still gotta keep it fierce :^)

So here are some things that kind of stink. My feet hurt after standing too long. I hate sitting because it makes me feel lazy but lil Za-Za is growing and my short little frame is really starting to feel it. Somehow at some point between the end of my first trimester and the second trimester, I strained my left ankle and it seems like it just keeps getting worse. I’m stubborn and don’t always wear my ankle strap like my amazing husband tells me to but it’s because it’s annoying to wear lol! I’m getting better about listening. Sleeping is starting to suck. Two nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night due to heart burn and couldn’t go back to sleep for another two hours. Also despite using my body pillow it’s harder to get comfortable. I knew this would come but now that it’s here it stinks. I get full a lot quicker than I used to. My meals are itty-bitty now for better tolerance. There’s is simply just not a lot of room left in my super short torso. She has taken over haha! No more using the bar for Olympic lifting. As I said before I’m growing outward as opposed to getting wider so I have a horrible bar path if I try to snatch or clean with a barbell ha! Also gets annoying for the bar to hit my belly. So, I use dumbbells for clean and jerks and dumbbells or kettle bells for snatches. My strength is still pretty good considering so I’m REALLY thankful for that. Oh and yes, I promise I’m training smart ;•)

Things I’m happy about. I’m so thankful for my husband James that’s always going the extra mile in helping me in so many ways. He’s so supportive, comforting and loving. It brings me so much joy to hear him read to her every night and talk to her daily. Their relationship is going to be amazing. I just know it! I feel her moving around literally all day and it’s so comforting. If I push on my belly, she always kicks or pushes back. She’s already a sassy little thing. We are almost done with her nursery and I absolutely love it. One of my great friends Melanie and my husband have been extremely helpful throughout it all. Mel is one talented girl when it comes to interior decorating. The colors are plum, gray and gold and it’s gorgeous! I’ll share pics when it’s all done.

Well that’s it for now… will post something before Christmas I promise!

~Umo Callins, 180Physique Owner