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My name is Allison Gray and I have trained with Umo for almost three years. During those years, I’ve become addicted to my Umo workouts and exercise in general. Before I trained with Umo, I was not a consistent exerciser. I also did not realize the nutritional benefits of eating healthy. Throughout our three years, Umo has taught me how to eat clean and balance diet with exercise. Umo has her masters in nutrition and I trust all of her guidance when suggesting an eating plan. I’m always impressed with the client specific workouts Umo plans for me. We have never repeated a workout, ever! Her intelligence and creativity keeps me on my toes and keeps our workouts interesting. If I’m trying to target a certain area, she is flexible and designs workouts for those areas.

Umo has become a great friend and confidant to me. She is always supportive and encouraging to push me harder. Umo is the first to tell me when she thinks I can work harder and I need/appreciate that so much. I’m so grateful for 180Physique and Umo Callins!